Pairing: Mat-Su Valley Potato Chip & Double Shovel Dry Hopped Cider

Looking for a good compliment to the Chugach Chocolate you love? We always are, so we turned to the party people at Toast of the Town for their insight on potential BFFs for our chocolate. Take it away, gals!:
"Nothing goes with potato chips like a good beer! Unless you're eating Chugach Chocolates Mat-Su Valley Potato Chip chocolate, in which case Double Shovel's Forget-Me-Hopped cider is the way to go! The smooth, sweet, slightly crunchy chocolate is a great compliment to the hoppy crispness of the cider. Be the Toast of the Town and bring this fun pairing to your next friend gathering :)"

Chugach Chocolates & Double Shovel 2.jpg
Chugach Chocolates & Double Shovel.jpg